Former California governor and Terminator star, Arnold Schwarzenegger was left outraged by the low veteran cemetery turnout. The actor seems pissed by folks swarming into Trump rallies and calling themselves patriots but fail to show up in numbers to pay respect to fallen heroes on Veterans Day.

Schwarzenegger furious for lack of respect for veterans

A pissed Schwarzenegger was shocked to see very few people turn up to pay tribute to fallen veterans even after coming out of heart surgery to pay his respects. On Wednesday the actor took to social media to pour out his feeling following his visit to the Los Angeles National Cemetery to honor fallen heroes to whom he owes most of his success.

He stated that although there were tens of thousands of gravesites for fallen heroes, there was only a handful of people around on Veterans Day. Arnold said that he could not fathom how remarkably few people showed to pay respects to fallen heroes but will swarm political rallies on the promise of making America great. Arnold felt disheartened, and when he went home, he was upset because it doesn’t make sense to swarm rallies to pretend to make America great when there is no respect for veterans.

Schwarzenegger expects 20,000 people to attend next year’s Veterans Day

This is not a subtle dig at President Trump, whom Schwarzenegger doesn’t like. Arnold’s point is well taken, considering it is the veterans that have made America great. He challenged viewers saying that he expects more people to be out on Veteran’s Day next year to pay their respect, and the nation needs a conversation about the meaning of patriotism. He said that he expects to see up to 20,000 people showing their patriotism.

Each year thousands of Americans usually go to the Los Angeles National Cemetery for the Memorial Day in May. This is, however, different from the Veterans day that is specifically for honouring fallen soldiers. This year’s 131st event took place virtually because of the COVID-19 pandemic that barred the public from attending.


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