Nikki Bella has revealed that her ex-boyfriend John Cena reached out to her after she gave birth to her first child early this year. The Total Bellas gave birth in late July a day before her sister Brie gave birth to her second child.

Cena reached out to the Bellas when they gave birth

Cena and Nikki dated for six years before splitting in 2018 days before their wedding day. But it seems the WWE star still holds a special place for Nikki in his heart despite going separate. Nikki said that Cena reached to her and her sister when they gave birth despite not having had any personal conversation for long. Although it was short, Nikki said it was sweet. Nikki got engaged with Dancing with the Stara ace Artme Chigvinsev with who she has a son, Matteo.

Bellas confessed that she and Cena could have tied the knot considering they had a public relationship for almost six years. She said all she ever wanted is for Cena to be happy and it makes her happy when she sees that like him kicking butt in the movie space and such kind of stuff.

Nikki split with Cena because he didn’t want kids

At the beginning of this year, Nikki explained why they had to end their romantic relationship. She said that she wanted children that Cena didn’t want, and therefore, she did not want him to regret having kids with her. The former WWE star said that they had a great relationship but were two different people wanting different lives. She revealed that they were trying so hard to make it happen.

In 2018 after the breakup, Cena indicated that he still wanted to marry Nikki as his views in fatherhood had changed. He said that he still loved Nikki and would have wanted to have a family with her. Days later the Bellas appeared on TODAY and Nikki said that John’s revelation shocked her. Nikki said at the time she was in the middle of a red carpet for NBCUniversal when she got the news.


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