The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt to new lifestyles to cope with lockdowns, and Miley Cyrus had to resort to FaceTime sex to sustain her urge. The 28-year old singer revealed that she has been having sex remotely via video calls.

Miley enjoying virtual sex

The star who broke up with Cody Simpson in the summer has not been dating but has been getting FaceTime sex. Miley, who appeared in an interview on The Howard Stern Show, said that the current times are challenging and interesting for meeting people or dating. She told Howard Stern that she does a lot of FaceTime sex, which is safe as she is not getting COVID-19. The 28-year old said that she would not do anything that will put her life or that of others at risk. Miley said that it is ridiculous for people who are not taking the social distancing precautions seriously to keep others safe.

The singer said that when it comes to sex, gender is not that important for her. She said she loves who she loves and has had relationships with all genders. For now, she said she is in the mood for some di**, but she is down to either.

Miley explains “Prisoner” music video

Following her split with Simpsons, a source indicated that the pop star was thrilled to be free as a bird. Before the relationship with Simpson, Miley dated Kaitlynn Carter briefly after separating from Liam Hemsworth. Miley and Hemsworth finalized their divorce at the beginning of this year.

Stern discussed her music video for the “Prisoners” song featuring Dua Lipa. He asked her about the video in which they appear to have full-on sex. She confirmed that they were not, but she thought Lipa wouldn’t mind. Miley said that they didn’t have sex, but Lipa keeps reminding, and she gives her the “in your dreams.”  She added that she has never had a wet dream about Lipa, but it is something she keeps projecting to her, and unfortunately, she didn’t have sex with her


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