Hailey Beiber has come out about a skin condition she has battled for years. On Monday, she took to social media to reveal that she has been struggling with a skin condition called perioral dermatitis, which is an inflammation that causes bumps and a red rash on her face.

Hailey struggling with skin inflammation around right cheek

The model shared a post on her Instagram Story, showing part of her face on the right cheek where the problem has visibly affected. The 24-year old shared the post to her more than 30 million followers, explaining that she has had the skin problem for years now.  Alongside the photo showing the affected area that she said is on “day three,” the model said that a range of things triggers the irritation. It usually occurs on her cheeks and sometimes around the mouth or under and around the eyes.

Hailey said that some of the things that trigger the irritation include trying new beauty products or too harsh products, masks, some SPFs, and weather. She explained that she goes for super gentle anti-inflammatory beauty products due to the irritation of her skin. Also, she said that the gentle products help in soothing her skin and do not trigger perioral dermatitis breakout.

Hailey advises against self-diagnosis for any condition

Justin Beiber’s wife said that it took her long before getting a proper diagnosis from a dermatologist because she always tried to treat the inflammation by herself. She revealed that the irritation sometimes gets too much, and only a prescription cream can cool it off. Hailey advises that self-diagnosis and trying to remedy a condition by one’s self isn’t advisable.

In a different post, Hailey said that laundry detergent is another huge trigger of her dermatitis. As a result, she prefers to use “hypoallergenic/organic laundry detergent.” Interestingly this is not the first time she is opening up about her skincare struggles. In May, she revealed that she struggled with adult-onset acne while appearing in the Facebook Watch series, The Beibers ion Watch.


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