Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor George Clooney has revealed that he feels lucky to have married his wife Amal Clooney as they have never argued despite spending this year quarantining with their twins Ella and Alexander.

George Clooney has never argued with his wife

The 59-year-old Ocean’s Eleven star says that the idea of marriage should always have the sense that you are taking on the responsibility of someone else. He explains that this means giving away the selfishness of only looking out for yourself. George revealed that he had a stifling experience while quarantining alleviated and enriched by his wife, Amal the human rights lawyer he married six years ago. He said that the wife can do almost anything and now people are learning more of the amazing accomplishment she has achieved.

The actor admits that the philanthropy, shared passion, and humanitarian causes have strengthened their relationship. She says Amal is someone who believes in what she stands up for and she inspires a lot of young women that they can always do much work and remain fun and fashionable.

George says that he feels so lucky in several ways to have met Amal considering they have never argued. He added that despite quarantining during the pandemic where most relationships and friendships got tested they have been lucky that everything has been easy.

Clooney and His wife have a human rights foundation

The couple currently works on a human rights group Clooney Foundation for Justice. The group advocates for justice through human rights abuses accountability globally. Clooney is upbeat for his children to follow their steps in taking the same causes when they become adults. He said that he is in the same situation as most fathers and he doesn’t want when his three-year-old kids to say “there was a time when they were putting kids in cages?” when they grow up. George hopes that their philanthropy and humanitarian activism will be a legacy for their children. This means standing up for what they believe in and standing for equality for all globally.


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