Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashians has deleted a photo of her on Instagram showing her without her wedding ring. The start had posted several photos on Instagram but she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. This includes a photo in which she was in Skims and bother her hands were visible but she was not wearing her ring.

Kim deletes a photo showing her without her wedding ring

This comes amid reports that she could be considering divorcing Kanye. She later removed the photo on her Instagram but the pic that advertises her Skims shapewear is still on her Twitter account. Kim was spotted on January 4, wearing a wedding band in Loss Angeles,

Kim and Kanye who wed in 2014 are yet to publicly comment on the status of their relationship or marriage. However, it is important to note that Kim has not filed for divorce yet but has been meeting lawyers to discuss that possibility. According to insiders Kanye is “over the entire family and wants nothing to do with them. The two have been living separately in the past few months and the source indicates that Kim got Kanye to go stay in Wyoming.

Kim and Kanye haven’t spent time together for months

The source indicated that the 40-year-old KUWK star is done with Kanye up to the point they haven’t spent time together for months. However, they have seen each other for the sake of their kids but they stay separately.

Interestingly when it comes to their kids they are all committed to seeing what is best for them. But the source confirmed that going through the divorce has been a difficult thing for Kim and she is trying to figure it out. Although divorce could be on the cards, another source indicated that the couple could be looking to work things out and they have been to therapy to work on their relationship. Despite discussing the divorce the source said that Kim is determined than anything to see their marriage work.


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