Former One Tree Hill star, Jana Kramer apologized to Tiger Wood’s ex-mistress Rachel Uchitel for saying she hated her before interviewing her for her Whine Down podcast.

Jana says Rachel Uchitel reminds her of someone like her

Jana has in the past had trust issues with her husband Michael Caussin over infidelity. However, the couple worked through the issues in their relationship and published a book about their journey, The Good Fight: Wanting to Leaver, Choosing to Stay, and the powerful Practice for Loving Faithfully. On January 17, Jana had admitted that she hated Rachel, who featured in the HBO documentary about the fall from grace of Tiger Woods.

Before Rachel appearing on their podcast, she told her husband that she hated her. She explained that this was a mean thing to say because she didn’t know her but she represented the face of someone else she hated. Jana said that she felt bad for that because she doesn’t know her story. She said, “She is the face of someone I don’t like. It is going to be hard for me to take picture of who I’m picturing and just see her.”

Jana Kramer says she regrets hate comments

Jana said she regretted her comments after sitting down and interviewing Rachel. She said she felt bad for saying she hated Rachel and told her she didn’t hate her but hated Mike’s affair girls. She explained that that is a label she uses on someone that cheated with that girl. Rachel who also had an affair with David Boreanaz said that she understood her because Mike had cheated on her in 2016. She added that Jana should realize that she didn’t do it to her.

The Alaska-born 45-year old said that in the past ten years she has had to feel the kind of hatred Jana was talking about. She added that she felt horrible for what she did but she was sorry for her actions. Rachel told Jana that she supports her and she hopes the husband will never make such mistakes again and wished them success.


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