Rachel Uchitel has had affairs with several famous men including David Boreanaz and Tiger Woods, while they were still married. However, the former nightclub hostess has opened up about her relationship with Woods for the first time. 

Uchitel explains how women carry the burden of infidelity 

She discussed the relationship during part two of Tiger documentary, which aired on HBO on January 17. Uchitel indicated that although she has often been called a “mistress” she is not one. The 45-year-old said that people forget the bad treatment she received and the bad things people did to her. She confesses that she could not go anywhere as she was being blamed for a lot of things. The Celebrity Rehab alum said that in the last ten years she has lived under the same scrutiny. She added that she can’t visit places without people speaking to her the same way. She said that often people don’t realize that she is still treated the same way. 

Uchitel was involved in an affair with Woods, which led to his split with Elin Nordegren. She says she is done being referred to as the other woman. Although she said she didn’t want to make it a man vs. woman thing but in most cases, it is the woman that has to deal with stigma and can’t get out of it. Uchitel said that women get pigeonholed in such situations, and comments of mistress, slut, home-wrecker, whore, and all the blame the woman receives can’t get out of it. 

Uchitel struggling to find a job following the scandals 

In an interview with The Los Angeles Times, the Alaska-born said that she struggled to find a job following the scandal, and she was turned down severally despite having a successful resume. Uchitel claims that she was turned down at Bloomberg and MSNBC, where she was told that she is too scandalous. 

Regarding her affair with David Boreanaz, she said that he had told her that he was separated, and she got to know the truth about his wife Jamie Bergman when she went to labor. 


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