Thomas Markle, the father of Meghan Markle, has revealed the reason for the leaking of a private letter Meghan wrote him in August 2018. 

Thomas Markle explains why he leaked Meghan’s letter 

The Duchess of Sussex has sued The Mail and the MailOnline Website for privacy invasion and copyright infringement. In 2019, her estranged father allowed the Associated Newspapers to publish a private letter from Meghan following differences with her. Meghan is suing the publisher over five articles, including parts that included her handwritten letter. 

Now, after almost two years, Thomas has explained the motivation behind the leak. In a witness statement, he explained that he released the letter after feeling that a People Magazine article describing his relationship with Meghan vilified him. Thomas said, “When I read the article ‘The Truth About Meghan Markle’s Dad- and the letter She Wrote Him After the Wedding” in the magazine I was shocked by what it said about Me. It was a total lie.” He explained that the article misrepresented the content and tone of Meghan’s letter to him. As a result, he wanted to correct the misrepresentation. 

Meghan’s friends misrepresented Thomas’ response 

The former TV lighting director added that Meghan had authorized five of her friends to talk with People regarding their relationship and the letter. He said that the article claimed that Meghan loved him, and she was ready to patch up things in their relationship. Thomas added that he felt the letter “was a criticism.” He said that it signaled the end of their relationship rather than reconciliation.

Equally, Thomas said that Meghan’s friends misrepresented his response to her. According to his witness statement, People had reported that he wanted a Photo-op with the Duchess. He described that one of her friends had told the magazine that he responded to Meghan’s letter with a long letter and closed by requesting a photo-op. This was contrary to what Meghan had requested of not wanting to communicate through the media. Thomas said that he wanted a photo-op to keep the media off. 


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