A British royal documentary that Queen Elizabeth II supposedly banned for decades has been leaked mysteriously onto YouTube. The 1969 documentary had disappeared following rumors that the Queen had regretted having the documentary shot and subsequently banned.

The leaked royal family documentary exposes the Monarch

The documentary offered an unprecedented look at the royal family, and over 30 million people watched it when it first aired on BBC. It gave insight into the intimate lives of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II, as well as, their children Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, and Prince Charles. The Queen had granted BBC unique access to shoot the film regarding their daily lives because of the notion that they were out of touch with society then. The network will later archive the documentary following a request from Buckingham Palace. Since the 70s, it hasn’t aired.

It is unclear how the “Royal Family” program got leaked and who posted it. But, following a copyright claim, the video-sharing platform quickly brought it down. The film amused and shocked viewers, with many comparing its scenes to those portrayed in the third season of Netflix’s series “The Crown.” So far, there hasn’t been a comment from Buckingham Palace regarding the recent leak of the documentary.

Queen compares US Ambassador gorilla in the documentary

In one scene, while the Queen and Prince Philip are dining with Princess Anne, the monarchy described the US ambassador as a gorilla. The PA Media new agency quoted the Queen saying, “There was a gorilla. I had the most terrible trouble… he had a short body, long arms.” Charles replied that if it happened to him, he would dissolve and walk out. In other scenes, the Queen dines with her family and searching her purse to buy Prince Edward ice cream and candy, which she paid in cash, something unexpected from the royal. As Edward later enters the car, Queen Elizabeth tells him, “This disgusting gooey mess is going to be in the car, isn’t it?”


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