Chrissy Teigen had a fashion mishap on January 31 when she was out on a date with her husband John legend in Beverley Hills, California. The Cravings cookbook author wore an oversized black blazer over an iridescent green fringe mini dress for the occasion. She had now shared the details behind her wardrobe malfunction with her social media fans.

Teigen reveals reason behind fashion mishap

The black blazer the star donned wasn’t for aesthetics, but it was to hide a malfunction that she managed to conceal the entire time. Under the blazer, there was a huge hole on her dress that she was concealing the whole time she was on the date. Teigen took time to go to the restroom, where she snapped a video and revealed the torn, open zipper on the dress covered by the jacket. She put the blazer back on to cover the hole and held a finger to her lips asking fans to keep the style a secret.

Interestingly, her mishap was unnoticed even as she left a restaurant with her husband dressed up in black pants, a patterned button-up shirt, and Gucci loafers topped with along camel coat.

Teigen is honest about her life to her fans

The star is known for her honesty with her fans after she recently revealed how she attempted to pierce her nose. She attempted to get the piercing while she was on vacation in St. Barts, but that didn’t go as expected.

Teigen captioned the photo of her attempted nose piercing on Twitter, “So I did this today, and it immediately fell out and healed the second she left because she did it wrong lmao.” She followed the tweet and said, “Like how do you do it wrong? It’s a hole, thorough the nose. It’s impossible to do wrong.”

Recently she also revealed that she lost a tooth in a Fruit Roll-Up. When asked by fans if it was a cap or veneer or real tooth, she replied, “Cap 🙁 but I loved him like he was a real tooth.”


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