Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s daughter Stormi turned three on Monday, and the parents celebrated it in a big way. A source has revealed that Stormi’s parents still have feelings for each other nearly two years after they split.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner could be getting back

A source said that Travis and Kylie are open to reconciling because the rapper and The Keeping With the Kardashians star are still “madly in love.” The source indicated that the former couple has feelings for each other, and one can tell every time they are together. According to the source, there is a lot of love there as their faces light up when they are next to each other and they appear happy. Travis and Kylie have been great at “co-parenting,” and follow a “great routine.”

As a result, this has led to speculation that the two might be planning to get back. Although this is yet to happen, an insider revealed that Kylie and Travis have been spending time together with their daughter. The insider confirmed that they haven’t ruled out getting back for now. But, they are not putting pressure on the relationship.

Most importantly, neither Travis nor Kylie is seeing anyone currently,  opening the possibility of the former-coupler getting back together. Travis and Kylie split in 2019, less than a year following the birth o0f Stormi. However, by February 1, 2020, during Stormi’s second birthday, they were close.

Travis and Kylie have been supporting each other

After they split, they were navigating their parenting roles apart as they were not romantically together, with each doing their own thing. During the pandemic, they demonstrated that they could show up for each other. For instance, in December, Kylie and Stormi attended Travis’ charity event in Houston, Texas, before Christmas.

To celebrate Stormi’s third birthday, Travis wrote her a little poem saying, “3 is bigger than 2/3 more years of love that’s true/ 3 more inches u might have grown/ 3 more years a lot to dooo!!.


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