Cookbook author Chrissy Teigen is encouraging her fans to love their bodies and themselves. The star celebrated Valentine’s Day by sharing a nude photo of her abdomen on Instagram showing her breast scars and bandages on incisions on the abdomen.

Teigen shares nude to show surgery scars

She captioned the photo, “Happy Valentine’s Day. Love yourself! Bitch has been through it.” The 35-year-old had surgery last year to remove her breast implants and at the beginning of this month, she underwent endometriosis surgery. Endometriosis is a disorder that results in the uterine lining tissue growing incorrectly outside the uterus and it can be very painful. Teigen indicated that although the afterward surgery pain was much it wasn’t as bad as the pain from endometriosis.

Her surgery came the same week as the initial due date of Teigen and John Legend’s third child, Jack who they lost last September at 20 weeks. Teigen said that usually she is good after surgery but the endometriosis surgery has been a tough one. She said that her belly was number and she expects it to be numb for several days. She said that for the next couple of days she will remain that way and she is having problems even with a little cough. The celebrity added that it was still better than the pain and contractions she endures because of endometriosis.

Opening up about grief and healing process after the loss of her son

According to a Medium post published in October last year, she shared the painful experience of being hospitalized with complications such as placenta abruption, and she had to undergo several blood transfusions. In the weeks after the devastating loss of her son, she opened up about the healing process and the grief she endured.

In December, Teigen indicated that while she was sad that she will never conceive again, she was lucky to have two amazing children who are growing each day. Teigen and Legend have two kids together a son Miles Theodore, 2, and a daughter Luna Simone, 4.


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