Ted Cruz has apologized for taking a vacation trip to Cancun, Mexico, while Texas has been hit by a historic winter. The move comes after he was criticized and mocked on Saturday Night Live. The show started with singer Britney Spears giving Cruz and other high profile individual a chance to apologize for things they have done wrong. The singer, portrayed by Chloe Fineman, hosted a show called Oops… You Did It Again.

On returning from Cancun on Thursday, the Republican Senator was met by protesters outside his house. Protestors demanded his resignation after taking the trip while millions suffered the ordeal.

Addressing protestors outside his home, Cruz said he regretted taking the trip and apologised for the same.“It was obviously a mistake, and in hindsight, I wouldn’t have done it.” He added that it was not his intention to ignore the hardships and suffering of other Texans.

Texas has been battling an unusual winter storm that has left millions in the state without power for several days. The state, in partnership with the federal government, has been working on remedial measures, including supplying free generators. The storm caused a shortage of drinking water and caused power outage.

Cruz flew out of the country on Wednesday and returned the following day during the blackout. In his defence, the Senator said he was trying to be a good father by taking his two kids out of the cold and had made arrangement for remote working while on the trip.

While appearing on the show, Spears said, “I started this show Oops You Did It Again so people could apologize for things they did wrong, because after the #FreeBritney documentary came out, I’m receiving hundreds of apologies a day.”

The first guest on the show was Ted Cruz, played by Aidy Bryant, who arrived at the show clad in a Cancun T-shirt and having a tropical beverage. During the show, the Senator was criticized for abandoning his state and instead of taking his family on vacation. Other high-ranking individuals that were called out on the show is New York governor Andrew Cuomo who is being criticized for mixing COVID-19 deaths from nursing homes with those from the general hospitals.


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