Oscar-winner Halle Berry has opened up about her first kiss, which she says was with her female friend. The 54-year-old sat down with fashion stylist Lindsay Flores on Instagram for a Bad & Booshy episode in which she revealed that her first kiss was with a girl. Flores and Berry were having drinks while casually dressed and sitting on the couch as they shared stories of their memorable kisses.

Berry says her first kiss was a girl

Berry said that she had a boyfriend called LaShawn Boyd, whom she wanted to French kiss. She confessed that she didn’t know how to French kiss, so she got her best girlfriend, who showed how to French kiss, so she could French kiss LaShawn. Berry said that her friend came over to her house and kissed her for 30 minutes. She revealed that she literary showed her how to French kiss, and the next night she went, and French kissed LaShawn.

When Flores asked Berry which was the better kiss of the two, the New Year’s Eve star stuttered for a moment before indicating, “LaShawn Boyd.” The actress has since moved on from her childhood crush, and she currently dates musician Van Hunt.

Halle Berry dating Van Hunt

She recently shared photos of her snowy gateway with Hunt in which her boyfriend was in an iridescent ski suit, while in another photo, the two were wearing masks as they took the selfie. She captioned the photos “struggling with the holiday.” Berry urged valentines who may be struggling not to settle for less than what makes the heart sing.

The entertaining Instagram video of Flores and Berry elicited a lot of responses from fans shortly after its publication. One follower indicated that “30 minutes is a make-out session and not a kiss darling lol.” Another follower indicated that “It may seem small but women need to see real genuine examples of friends interacting in healthy friendships. We always focus on romantic relationship goals but best friend goals are equally important.”


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