Chrissy Teigen asked President Joe Biden, @POTUS, to unfollow her on Twitter so she can enjoy tweeting racy tweets. Biden might have been in office for a month, but he has already granted the TV personality and model two wishes.

Teigen asks Biden to unfollow her

During Donald Trump’s term in office, the 35-year old was blocked from the @POTUS account. She initially asked Biden to unblock her after his inauguration, and the account unblocked her and followed her back as well, but she asked to be unfollowed, and her wish has been granted.

The simple online relationship began with the model asking @joebden that the president had blocked her in the last four years, and she wanted a follow. Following her request to be unfollowed, official accounts of Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, press secretary Jen Psaki or Doug Emhoff now no longer follow Teigen.

On February, 23 Teigen tweeted that she has been tweeting since the @POTUS following. She however, indicated that to flourish as her, she was asking the lord to unfollow her. She added that it is all about her and has nothing to do with the president. After unfollowing Teigen, Biden now follows only 12 people. Teigen celebrated after her request had been fulfilled by tweeting, “b***h f**k s**t suck the d I am FREE!!!!!!”

Teigen didn’t want to clog the president’s timeline

Interestingly, the lifestyle model didn’t indicate why she wanted the president to unfollow her but, some have speculated that her request had to do with her not wanting to clog the president’s feed. One fan responded that she had the same feeling when Jenna Marble followed her. She indicated that she could tweet all stupid thoughts and then later feel guilty for clogging Marbles’ timeline with her stupidity.

Teigen is famous for her honest and funny tweets, and before the unfollow request, she and her husband John Legend have been staunch Biden supporters. On November 7, when Biden was declared winner, she posted a video of her and Legend bopping head to YG’s hit “FDT” featuring lyrics “F*ck Donald Trump.”


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