Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have accused the Royal family members of racism in an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey. Meghan revealed in an interview, which aired on CBS on Sunday that the Royal family denied her son Archie a title and security because his skin was too dark.

Archie didn’t receive a title because of race

When asked why Archie didn’t receive security or a title, Meghan said that race was a concern for the royal family. The Duchess of Sussex said that when she was pregnant, people within the institution had conversations with her, saying that Archie’s skin color could be too dark for the role. The revelation stunned Oprah, but when she inquired who commented, the former Suits star clammed up.

A minute later, she said that Harry relayed the concerns to her after conversations with the “family.”. Meghan said that she witnessed how much it meant to see someone who looked like them in such a position during her visits to the Kingdom. She said she couldn’t understand how such could not have been an added benefit since it reflects today’s world.

Harry says the Royal family was concerned about the color of his kids

Harry told Oprah that Archie’s conversation was awkward and shocking that he is never going to share. Despite Oprah pressing him to share, the Prince said that he wasn’t comfortable talking about it. He said it was initially, and there were questions about what his kids will look like. Harry said that that was at the beginning about Meghan not going to get security, with the Royal family suggesting that she might as well continue acting since there wasn’t going to be money for her.

Meghan said that she has been a victim of “character assassination,” and she even contemplated suicide. She revealed that stories that she made Kate Middleton cry in the lead-up to the wedding weren’t true. Meghan said that Kate made her cry, but she later apologized, and she forgave her.


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