Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Montecito home was invaded twice by an intruder over the holidays, and Harry has every reason to be upset after the withdrawal of his Royal security privileges.

Intrusion at Prince Harry’s Home

According to law enforcement sources, 37-year old Nickolas Brooks was caught trespassing at the $14.65 million Montecito property on December 24. However, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Officer let him off with a warning. But two days later, Brooks showed up at the property, where police apprehended and judged him with a trespassing offense.

Sources indicate that brooks had driven from Ohio to California, but it is unclear why he was intruding. Also, it is not clear whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were at home at the time. The news came a week after Harry said that he was concerned about his family’s safety in an interview with Oprah. The Prince revealed that Buckingham Palace had revoked their security when they stepped down from their royal family roles.

Harry and Meghan inked deals with Netflix and Spotify

Harry said that they signed deals with Spotify and Netflix since they needed money for their security after the Palace cut them off financially. Despite revealing that he still has what his mum left him, Harry said that it would not have been enough to get them where they are currently. He said that a friend came up with a suggestion about streamers during the pandemic, with Meghan adding that they had not thought about it before. There were different options they could have considered, and for him, all he wanted was money to pay for security and keep the family safe.

The deal with Netflix is worth $100 million whole that with Spotify is worth $25 million. Harry and his brother William had inherited $29 million from their Mother, and the money was held in a trust until they turned 25. He had also inherited some amount from the Queen mother’s will, following her death in 2002, putting his inheritance around $32 million.


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