According to IWSR, 200016, The Glenlivet contributed the most significant volume growth of the single malt category worldwide. Its smooth and fruity flavor profile is adding more than any other single malt whisky brand over the past five years (IWSR, 2016). Created by George Smith in 1824, The Glenlivet is the Original Speyside Single Malt, renowned for its heritage as a visionary within the single malts category.  

The Glenlivet first launched its “Original by Tradition” brand platform in November last year, with a spot targeting a younger generation of whisky drinkers.  Since its inception, the innovative marketing campaign has been a celebration of the company’s pioneering heritage.  The ‘Original Since 1824′ campaign demonstrates a mindset of originality, which has seen The Glenlivet breaking traditions to set new whiskey standards since 1824. The campaign showcases the bold and vibrant world of Scotch. It encourages the enjoyment of single malt outside traditional conventions’ confines – pushing the single Malt Scotch into the modern era.

This year in the uncertain COVID-19 times, out of nowhere, the whisky brand has popped up with yet another genuinely thrilling advert on November 24, 2020. The bold ad embraced the original thinking of The Glenlivet founder to push the boundaries of tradition innovatively and seemingly continued its “Original by Tradition” brand platform.

The ad efficiently dramatizes the story of founder, George Smith, played by upcoming breakout British actor Lewis Bennet.  Set on a treadmill, the ad follows Smith from humble beginnings to modern-day, unphased by external pressures to adapt its flavors. It ends with the tagline: “Original taste never settles.” The ad also used other phrases like, “A spark that lights a vision,” “Regardless of the norm,” and “What was born original must stay original.” I must admit that those are catchy and trendy catchphrases. 

The setting and marketing tone was reinforced with a stellar performance from Lewis Bennett. He carried and executed the intended technique of message effectively and seamlessly.

The work was created by Gonzalo Miguel and Manuel Diaz and directed by Tom Noakes through Prettybird. The advert was produced by an advertising agency, Crispin Porter & Bogusky, running across TV, digital, OOH, and print. Lately, most of the promotional efforts have been targeting a younger generation of whisky drinkers, as evident from this current against the tide advert.

The current advert is in line with the new marketing efforts initially under Miriam Eceolaza, Director of The Glenlivet, last year. She commented, “Our new campaign celebrates our pioneering heritage and shows that we will never be held back by limiting preconceptions of single malt Scotch. We will continue to push boundaries and embrace the original thinking of our founder, George Smith. Our latest innovation, The Glenlivet Capsule Collection, proved that there is an appetite for true innovation in Scotch, and we want to embrace this to continue to open up the category to the future.”   

Before the launch of new marketing efforts, the single malt whisky category delivered a dull, moody, and dark marketing tone. Dave Day, the ECD at CBP London, revealed last year in 2019 that The Glenlivet is all set to revolutionize the whiskey category. They intend to do so by taking bold moves, like this new against the tide advert, to break the barriers and shake things up to target a broader market.

An exciting bonus bit of information for our lovely readers because you deserve it! The promising actor, Lewis Bennet, who played the role of George Smith in this advert, is quite a charming guy by his Instagram looks. Yeah, we took the time to stalk this talented actor; he deserves the attention. Trust us! His Instagram (Singing _Cameraman) is full of fun photos that draw the onlooker into his artistic life as an actor, filmmaker, photographer, and singer! Check him out and thank us later.


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