“Dancing with the Devil” singer Demi Lovato has revealed details of what led to her heroin overdose in 2018 and shared what her sobriety future holds.  The singer is telling it all in her new YouTube docuseries, which premiered on March 16 at the SXSW Film Festival.

Lovato relapsed in 2018 after six years of sobriety

The 28-year old shared about dealing with bulimia and the control she felt in terms of what she ate and did for most of her career. Lovato said that her self-esteem was damaged from beauty pageants, revealing that she made a promise that she won’t eat again, which she didn’t live up to.

Barely a month after the singer celebrated six years of sobriety on stage during a concert in 2018, Lovato reveals that she relapsed with alcohol and drugs after a photoshoot. She recalls thinking that she didn’t want to think why she was breathing anymore because she was miserable and not happy due to much stuff she was dealing with.

Lovato overdosed and almost died

In the documentary, Lovato details the drugs she took that evening. She admits that she did drugs she has never done before. Lovato said, “I tried meth, I mixed with molly, with coke, weed, alcohol and all that should have killed me.” Two weeks after the relapse, she reveals that she was introduced to heroin, crack, and cocaine. In the beginning, she was using recreationally, and you can do that with heroin before becoming addicted.

The docuseries introduces people in the singer’s life including, her assistant Jordan Jackson who called 911 the morning after the overdose. The near-fatal overdose left Lovato with three strokes, a heart attack, and doctors said that she had five to ten minutes to live. The overdose’s aftermath left her with effects, as she can’t drive anymore and she has blind spots in her vision. But the most impactful was being unable to see her little sister, who was by her bedside when she woke up.


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