In May last year, Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian split up, but few could guess about the drama that could follow later. Sofia Richie would have expected Scott to respect their relationship and maintain a healthy distance with Kourtney, which didn’t happen. Sources indicate that Scott had spent a lot of time with Kourtney and the kids, which didn’t augur quite well with Sofia.

Scott reveals the secret

Scott aired out the relationship’s dirty laundry on the “keeping up with the Kardashian’s “ show, outlining that Sofia was jealous about him spending time with Kourtney and the kids. Scott disclosed details about how the relationship traversed rough patches, with Sofia continuously giving him the ultimatum to choose between her and Kourtney. Scott talked about the relationship issues to the Kardashians and then on a public show. The matter has sent out speculations, with some people questioning Scott’s character and respect for the relationship.

Sofia was displeased about Scott’s move to reveal the secrets of their relationship, which were kept secret according to her. However, she says that she saw everything coming after they broke up. The star admitted that they navigated many relationship issues and tried to work out most of those issues. However, Scott’s betrayal of their relationship’s secrets knocked her off her feet.

Scott says that she felt suffocated by Sofia’s insecurities, outlining that he was finding it tough dealing with his over’s ultimatum. Sofia would have understood Scott’s emotions, but she still struggles to understand what pushed Scott to bring out their secrets.

There are no chances of the two ever getting back together

Sofia has endured the drama that almost depicted her as a desperate woman, but she eventually decided that life had to move on! Sources show that she moved on and decided to forget the relationship with Scott. Sofia and Matthew Morton are suspected to be seeing each other. They recently grabbed dinner in the Santa Monica Giorgio Baldi, sparking rumors. It seems like the two won’t be getting back together again from the look of things.

Scott, on the other hand, is rumored to be dating Amelia Gery Hamlin. The reality television star has, over the years, had a fondness for the younger women. Amelia is 18 years younger than Scot, according to sources.


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