It is seemingly a breakup season looking at the rate at which breakup tweets are coming along. This time around is about Quavo and Saweetie. The love birds aired their dirty laundry on Twitter, confirming that they had indeed broken up. They go apart after being together for about two years, according to sources.

Saweetie tweets about the breakup

Saweetie was the first to bring the breakup news to the limelight, accusing Quavo of cheating. Quavo also took to Twitter to give his side of the story. Rumors on the breakup started circulating immediately after social media users discovered that the two had unfollowed each other on Instagram. There have been many speculations, with most social media users opining that rich men’s girlfriends cheat a lot. Mixed reactions continue, and it seems like the two won’t be getting back together.

Saweetie plays the victim through her tweet, complaining that her ex-boyfriend had been cheating on her with other women. It didn’t make sense that her ex-boyfriend was intimate with other women and trying to cover everything up with gifts. The star asserts that presents aren’t a way to heal wounds or win a heart. She discloses that she has had to endure quite a lot in the two years that they have been together and that it is time to let go and find someone more appreciative.

Saweetie expresses her discomfort with the rumors circulating, outlining that they have been bruising her character. She wants the narrative to come to an end, which is one reason she took to Twitter.

The songstress twitted later, outlining that she had been keeping her emotions in check for a while. She confirms that she walked away from the relationship feeling a great sense of peace and liberation.

Quavo tweets

Quavo came across his ex-girlfriend’s tweet and was quick to respond. The rapper said that he anticipated Saweetie would stoop as low as exposing the relationship issues and making a show out of the whole thing. He admitted having loved Saweetie but expressed his disgust at her behavior. According to the rapper, Saweeti wasn’t the woman he thought she was when they first met. He wished Saweetie well in her future endeavors, outlining that he had to speak out so false narratives won’t spread.


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