Kendall Jenner has received a restraining order against a man that cops say wants to shoot her down. A judge issued a temporary restraining order against a man known as Malik Bowker, who Kendall claims traveled across the country to kill her.

Kendall granted a restraining order against Malik Bowker

Legal documents obtained by TMZ indicate that the LAPD detective had informed Kendall on Thursday about the man’s alleged plan. The reality TV star said that police had informed her that Bowker had planned to acquire an illegal gun to gun her down and then take his life. The documents indicate that the 24-year old is on a temporary psychiatric hold in a hospital in LA, but police told her that he might be released soon.

It is important to note that Jenner has a security team of armed guards at her property, manning the home 24/7. Therefore if someone like Bowker were to trespass, they would be apprehended before they get near Kendall.

The model says that she has never met the man, but Bowker’s alleged threats are already causing her anxiety and emotional stress. She points out that she is terrified that Bowker might find her and kill her once discharged from the hospital. Kendall is scared despite a judge issuing a temporary restraining order that bars Bowker from coming within 200 yards of her.

Kendall has faced threats before

This is not the first time the star is feeling threatened. In 2016, Kendall called the police after finding a man standing in her driveway in West Hollywood. The man identified as Shavaughn McKenzie, 25, was later charged for trespass after he followed her car to the driveway to get a closer look.

Similarly, in 2017, a judge issued a restraining order to the model against Thomas Hummel, who had been sending her love letters for months. Also, in 2018 a stalker identified as John Ford, 37, reportedly broke into Kendall’s £6.5 million home. Ford, who was a Canadian citizen, was later deported in 2019 following his arrest in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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