Khloe Kardashian caught massive public attention when he took to Twitter to showcase her diamond ring. Tritan Thompson quickly dropped his flirty comment, which got most people following the two asking questions.

The ring grabs more attention than the fresh manicure

The reality looked beautiful with her new manicure, with sources revealing that nail artist Chaun Legend did it. The fresh manicure was great, but the massive diamond ring cliched greater attention. Khloe left a string of colored heart emoji’s on the snap as more people dropped in to make the comments.

Khloe and Tristan happen to be parents to a daughter, and it happens that this isn’t the first time the reality star has been seen wearing the diamond ring. Sources indicate that she has appeared wearing the same ring on some other photos she took earlier and posted on Instagram. Tristan leaves a string of heart emojis and a diamond, a move that leaves most people guessing about what is happening between the two stars.

Khloe and Tristan have traversed murky waters in the past

Tristan and Khloe have aired their dirty linen over the past to the public, and people thought they wouldn’t ever get back together. The first instance happened back in 2018 when reports regarding Tristan’s cheating on Khloe when she was pregnant with her daughter came out. The second instance involved Khole cheating on Tristan with a family friend in 2019.

The issue got serious, leading to the breakup of the two. The two seem to be strongly in love considering that they got over the scandals, to get back together in 2020. Sources reveal that the Covid-19 pandemic struck, compelling the two stars to spend a lot of time together taking care of their daughter. It seems that the time led to the two bonding deeply, and right now, they are together again.

Khloe has made several appearances in keeping up with the Kardashians show, where she has been facing significant pressure to speak out about her affair with Tristan. The reality show star has jilted from speaking up openly about her relationship with her daughter’s father. The Bolton-Celtic star doesn’t also seem to disclose much about the affair.


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