Khloe Kardashian’s Team is on overdrive to remove a photo of the star in a bikini that leaked over the weekend. An unedited photo of Khloe was released over the weekend without her approval, and now she is desperate for entertainment sites to take it down.

Khloe wants an unedited photo pulled down.

Page Six reported that the reality TV star has contacted her lawyers to ensure that the request is met. KKW Brands chief marketing officer Tracy Romulus said that an assistant posted the color edited photo of the star, taken during a family event, on social media without her approval. The photo shows Khloe’s face and body in a bikini by the poolside, without the usual editing and airbrushing synonymous with photos the Kardashians usually posts on Instagram. The photo quickly went viral on the internet.

However, most copies of the photo have been removed following a legal threat from the Kardashian team. Even though the team labeled the photo “beautiful,” they said it should be brought down since it was unauthorized. Romulus said that Khloe looks beautiful in the photo, but it is within the copyright owner’s right to want an unintended image for publication taken down.

Khloe criticized for face-changing

A source indicated that the photo taken while Khloe was in the middle of a conversation had some edits. Fans have been calling out Khloe for ever-changing her face using photoshop. She has defended herself on several occasions, saying that she is just different and cares less about being passive or negative. Despite the photo having edits, it was not to the standards for her campaigns for Good American, her clothing labels, which touts itself as “Representing Body Acceptance.” Last month she said that the criticism had hurt her confidence and soul.

The reality star posted a rare close-up photo of her stretch in February, captioning its “I love my stripes.” Khloe’s followers and friends applauded the photo with Jen Atkin stating, “Yes you did!” with “RHONJ” star Melissa Gorga commenting, “that’s a woman right there.”


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