Shameless enjoys a large following, but it was sad for many fans to learn that Emmy Rossum’s character Fiona wouldn’t feature in the series finale. Some fans wished that the star could make an appearance of closure, as reports continue trickling in to explains the star’s absence in the finale.

A confirmation about the star’s exit

John Wells, the big name behind the show’s running, explained the change in one of the interviews. Wells confirmed that Emmy had exited the show in the course of the season 9 finale.

He outlined logistics as the reason behind the change. The outbreak of the Covid-19 has caused a lot of important activities to grind to a halt. According to Wells, the34-year-old resides inNew York City. The lockdown made it impossible for the star to be a part of the filming, considering that the shooting took place in Los Angeles.

John said that Emmy wanted to be a part of filming. He added that they tried all their means to incorporate her in the production. He discloses that they had already reserved some storylines, but matters took a different tangent. The star had expressed her interest in acting out her role, but the issue at hand leaves her hands tied.

The pandemic as a major setback

John blames most of the undesirable changes on the pandemic. He outlines that the world has witnessed many surges such that he can hardly recall the one that bared the star.

He can’t clearly remember the surge that stopped the actor from participating in the finale.

He recalls how the quarantines started between New York and Los Angeles and their effects on livelihoods and businesses. He speaks out about their strong attempts to get her back, but it was impossible in the long run.

John admits that it was a great disappointment to have failed to get the star back into the finale cast. Everyone wished that it worked out, but it is evident that they were struggling against an enormous force. Most people might have regarded the matter to be pretty minor, but John saw it as rather sad that the pandemic had impacted them so negatively.


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