Kerry Washington found herself in trouble following her recent tweet about the deaths of the British royal family’s Prince Philip and the American rapper DMX. The star sent out her condolences to both families, but some Twitter users found her tweet rather offensive. Washington bowed to the pressure and deleted the tweet.

Washington under immense pressure

The now-deleted tweet showed the actor’s take on the two deaths. She marveled at what DMX and the Duke of Edinburg were chatting at the pearly gates after their deaths. She ended the tweet, outlining that her love went out to both families and that the souls of the deal rested in eternal peace.

The actor came face to face with the reality, which was an intense backlash among the platform users. Some of those users downplayed the whole thing about the possibility of the Duke of Edinburgh and DMX ending in the same place. The users considered the tweet to be the actor’s subtle way of spotlighting the various controversial remarks the Prince made in his lifetime.

Other users refuted the claims that the two could have ended in the same place, asserting that both the Prince and the rapper couldn’t be remotely in the same place. One of the users said that the time had come for firing the actor’s social media manager.

Some users sided with the actor.

Much criticism went out to the actor, but there was also a group that showed their support. Some of the platform’s users showed their disgust, outlining DMX’s impossibility of going to the same place as the “White supremacist.”

The other group posed as the “Kerry Washington defense squad,” vowing to defend her to the end. These users spread out word that the actor’s account had been hacked and that she wasn’t to blame for the tweet. The users claimed that they smelled the tweet’s inauthenticity from afar and that they didn’t believe that the actor had posted it herself. They couldn’t believe that the offended persons could be so gullible in such an era.


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