Johnny Depp’s lawyer has claimed that police bodycam footage has shown that Amber Heard had lied about an altercation that occurred at their home in 2016.

New revelation on Depp’s case against Amber

Depp had lost a UK libel case against The Sun for publishing an op-ed labeling a “wife-beaters” and he is still fighting a case in a US court against his ex-wife Amber. The Fantastic Beasts star is suing Amber for defamation for her Washington Post article in which she says she was a victim of violence. Depp is digging up evidence to discredit his ex-wife’s physical abuse stories.

According to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s attorney, body cam footage never-before-seen of Los Angeles police officers that responded to a 911 call proves that Depp didn’t have a physical altercation with his wife.

On the night of the incident, four LAPD officers visited the ex-couple’s home after Amber had called 911 twice. The second police pair had body cams on when they responded. Depp’s attorneys have revealed depositions from the officers and body cams of the second pair of officers, which doesn’t support Amber’s allegations. Amber had claimed that Depp had thrown his phone at her face. The revelation comes ahead of Depp’s $50 million defamation suits against Amber, expected to take place on April 2022 in Virginia.

Police who responded to the call didn’t see any damage

It has been admittedly been much, and it is yet to be seen if it will be a preponderance as per the US justice system. Amber and her friends had indicated in their statement that Depp had smashed up the apartment, breaking silver with pieces of shattered glass on the floor and red wine all over the carpet.

However, the depositions of the first pair of officers indicate that there was no sign of crime including, no damaged property or any physical injuries. Equally, bodycam footage of the second pair of officers who responded following a call from Amber’s friends didn’t see any damage.


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