In the past two days, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have been hitting a section of Laguna Beach, and they literally have been all over each other. Barker was seen snuggling with Kourtney using her sunblock for some serious PDA.

Barker and Kourtney snuggling on Laguna Beach

The new couple cuddled on the beach basking under the sun in each other’s hands. Although it was her day, Kourtney’s attention was on her shirtless boyfriend as they showed each other affection on the sand. The reality TV star was in a black thong bikini with one hand of Barker playfully on her lively derriere.

The lovebirds made their way to Laguna’s Treasure Island beach on Sunday, which was part of Kourtney’s 42nd birthday celebration. Barker showed his romantic side by having a sophisticated piece of art hanging over a huge flower arrangement to kick-start Kourtney’s day, and it seems like the party kept going to the sands of Laguna beach. The couple seems to be loving the location, and on Monday, they were back for more snuggling and beach action.

Barker was all over his girlfriend and could not keep her hands off her. The star had left little to the imagination with the skimpy thong bikini. The Blink-182 drummer tapped Kourtney’s butt affectionately as she sat beside him on the sand. They later headed to the water to kick back the rolling waves. Barker enthusiastically jumped into the water, but Kourtney was a little apprehensive about splashing around the water.

Kourtney celebrates her 42nd birthday with love

Despite the statuses of the celebrities, the lovebirds were like any couple enjoying the California sun. However, none of the Kardashians joined the couple on their romantic day at Laguna Beach.

Besides receiving several wishes on her birthday from her family on Instagram, Kourtney started the day with a tulips arrangement and gardenias courtesy of Barker. She indicated that gardenias and tulips are her favorite and indicated that her entire house was smelling yummy. Barker also took to Instagram to show his love for Kourtney.


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