American fashion model Ireland Baldwin shared a photo on Instagram showing an injury she received on her face while she was babysitting two boys on Thursday. The two seven-year-old boys became too much of her, and the 25-year old model ended up with a bloody nose.

Ireland shares a photo of her injured nose

She captioned the photo, “I babysat two 7-year-old boys for 45 minutes and it went like….” Blood is dripping from Ireland’s nose down to the chin and lips, and hands in the photo. It isn’t clear what exactly led to the injury.  She jokingly compared her experience to birth control.

The photo has been liked 20,000 times with more than 700 comments, including one from her popular uncle Billy Baldwin. Billy commented, indicating that when they were growing up with her father and uncles, they used to call that Tuesday. Billy was referring to his brothers Alec, Stephen, and Daniel. Makeup artist Liz Castellanos commented on the photo, asking, “what the hell???” to which Ireland responded, “boys.”

Source @irelandbasingerbaldwin

Ireland might have gotten the injury from her sister’s friends

Ireland is a daughter to Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, and she is the oldest of Alec’s kids. Early this year, Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin were blessed with a baby girl through a surrogate just mother following the birth of their son Eduardo “Edu” Pao Lucas. The couple shares daughter Carmen Gabriela and sons Leonardo Angel Charles, Romeo Alejandro David, and Rafael Thomas.

Ireland is no stranger to taking care of kids owing to the large crowd at home. It is not clear who might have done the hitting since Carmen, who is about that age, is not a boy, so it could have been her friends or neighborhood kids. When Carmen Gabriela was born in 2013, the model shared her excitement on Tumblr, stating, “You have been born into one crazy family. We are going to have so much fun together.”

This will remain a mystery but let’s hope that Ireland’s nose will get well soon without any discomfort or pain.


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