A video of Tana Mongeau being kicked out of a popular WeHo bar, The Abbey, went viral over the weekend. The influencer was seen in the clip having a chaotic conversation with staffers and paramedics at the popular West Hollywood bar.

Tana kicked out of The Abbey for disrespectful behavior

An eyewitness has given the details of what went down, but even celebrities can sometimes. Tana had allegedly indicated that she was not kicked out o0f the bar those who shared the video claimed. The eyewitness claimed that the influencer and 15 of her friends were getting aggressive with staffers and were even “running coke on their gums before everyone” while at the bar.

Interestingly, when another customer became sick of alcohol poisoning, the internet personality and her friends became disrespectful. According to the witness, the man had passed out and was becoming “blue.” The witness said that when medics arrived, Tana and her friends made it hard for them to attend to the guy. They then started filming the incidents and yelling, “this is LA baby, you never know when someone’s gonna die at a club.”

Tana refused to pay her check when asked to leave

The crew was blocking the paramedics, and staffers at the bar were not having any of it, with the eyewitness asking Tana to “shut the F**k up.” The witnesses yelled at the 22-year-old and her crew, asking them to delete the video, but they refused. That is when security stepped in to ask them to delete it. They refused and started filming the security guy and flicking him off, saying, “fu*k you am not deleting shit.” At this point, the security asked Tana and her crew to leave, but they refused to settle their tab.

Tana, however, claims that different things transpired and that they left the bar because of an emergency in the bar. She asked people to stop slandering. The person who filmed the video said that Tana and her group were in several conflicts with staffers and guests at The Abbey.


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