Britney Spears’s father, Jamie Spears, has hit back at his ex-wife Lynne Spears amid the ongoing conservatorship battle of Britney’s estate. According to new court documents, Jamie’s attorneys have fired back at Lynne, accusing her of exploiting Britney’s trauma and pain for personal profit.

Lynne filed an objection to $890,000 in conservatorship legal fees.

Recently Lynne filed an objection to the $890,000 in legal fees that Jamie’s lawyers Holland & Knight LLP are charging. She asked part of the money to go back to Britney’s estate, claiming that the attorneys were doing unwarranted work as part of a “national media tour.” The documents for Jamie’s lawyers argue that Lynne has had zero involvement in the conservatorship battle until recently. She is making assertions as if she was involved in the suit from the start.

They claim Lynne doesn’t have a right to be involved in the conservatorship issue since she has been missing. Jamie’s lawyers argue that Lynne is raising objections to legal fees on matters she doesn’t know. Interestingly, the controversial pops insist that Lynne is causing more harm than good because of her decision to stand with her daughter. They say she is causing an unnecessary delay at the expense of the conservatorship administration and stirring undue media attention.

Jamie claims Lynne exploited Britney’s pain and trauma for profit

Notably, it is not like Britney’s mother is touting attorneys all over the press in a “national media tour” because she indicted previously in a legal filing that it is the last thing her daughter wishes or desires. Interestingly, with a big movement such as #FreeBritney, any information will cause a media frenzy.

Jamie claims that Lynne exploited Britney’s trauma and [pain for personal gain by publishing a book. Lynne released a memoir in 2008 titled Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World. The book came out at the same time the conservatorship began, and she has since not written any other exposing book.


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