Jana Kramer felt embarrassed on her return to her Whine Down podcast on May 2, which is the first time after filing for divorce from Mike Caussin. 

Jana speaks for the first time since filing divorce from Mike 

The One Tree Hill alum found it challenging to record the May 2 episode. Sara Gretzky and Gabby Bernstein joined her as she released the iHeartRadio’s Whine Down podcast episode. Jana had started the podcast, and she has been co-hosting the show with Mike in recent years, but following the divorce, Jana will be leading Whine Down alone. 

Jana appeared to fight back the tears as she sniffled and stated that she was sorry for all those listening because it was not easy. She said that she has filed for divorce for those who haven’t watched the news, and it has not been easy. Jana added that she didn’t even know whether she wanted to do the show anymore. The 37-year old continued to explain that she started the show by herself, and after Mike came on board as a guest, they shared stuff, and he was fond of sharing. As a result, it felt like they owned the show, and now it feels weird not having him on the show.

The country single announced on April 21 that they were divorcing after six years of marriage. Divorce papers indicated that they were divorcing because of infidelity and various media outlets corroborated this. 

Jana feels embarrassed about how things have turned. 

She said during the show that she was a zombie for two weeks, and she has been in and out of crying. The singer confirmed that she was not in for this at the end of the day, and she feels embarrassed about how things are ending, and she feels that she has let people down. She added that they have fought for everything, and the words spoken were honest from her. 

On Monday, Jana acknowledged that she was with mike because of their kids Jace, two and Jolie, 5. 


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