On the May 6th episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the family decided to end the family reality TV show after 20 seasons. The Thursday night episode was all about the Kardashian’s decision to end the TV series.

The KUWTK show is coming to an end

Emotions were in full gamut with Kim Kardashian calling the crew an extended family and then broke down in tears as she announced that this will be the final season of the reality series. On the other hand, Khloe Kardashian wasn’t keen on the family ending the show after almost 14 years onscreen. Khloe said that it seems the decision is made, and hers was the only one that was against the other family members. 

However, the controversy focused on Kourtney Kardashian due to her challenging and troubled history with filming over the recent season. Kourtney has had a difficult relationship with behind-the-scenes aspects of the show, which had a toll on her mental health and parenting. She said that the family had always wanted to do it together as long as the family wanted, and it felt happy. Kourtney confessed that she has had her moments when she wasn’t cozy with filming, but she as well enjoyed several exciting moments like family trips and other experiences they would not have had were it not for filming. She confessed that it was a love-hate relationship. 

Kourtney has had challenging moments with filming

Over a recent couple of seasons, there has been tension between Kourtney and her sisters, such as the violent fight with Kim. Although it was good for TV, it also caused a rift in the family, with the interior design star deciding to walk away at first.

Scott Disick picked on the dynamic in the episode but saw backlash from social media fans who were morning the Kar Jenner era’s end. He said that it is funny how memes are circulating online like “Kourtney single-handled ended KUWT” because she had indicated before that she didn’t like filming. 


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