Katy Perry is not worried about not shaving her legs after fellow “American Idol” Luke Bryan teased her over her long leg hair. Interestingly, Katy will spend time with her eight-month-old baby, Daisy Dove Bloom, instead of shaving her legs silky smooth. 

Luke Bryan tells Katy Perry to shave her legs.

The 36-year old pop star shared the camera moment in her Instagram on May 9 in which fellow judge Luke Bryan pointed at a dark hair growth in her right calf.  Her leg had propped up on the table with the slit of her pant leg exposing her skin. Bryan said with a laugh that she knows Katy is a Mom and everything, but she should do something about her leg hair. The singer playfully clapped back at Bryan, following his suggestion that she should shave her stubbly legs.

Katy said she doesn’t have time to shave her legs; instead, she would rather cuddle with her daughter. She captioned the moment she shared on her Instagram Stories “#MOMSKNOW.” However, fans wouldn’t have noticed Katy’s legs since she was in gorgeous white and black pantsuits on the telecast. The outfit consisted long white blazer and pants with small slits up to the mid-shin. Also, her ensemble had a black corset on her mid-section over the blazer with boning strips. 

Katy doesn’t have time to shave her legs. 

The pop star had previously revealed that she wasn’t that keen on her leg-hair care routine since she became a month in August 2020. On the April 4 episode of the show, she gushed at a contestant, saying, “Your voice is a spiritual experience, it is otherworldly, angelic. As a new mother, I don’t have much time, so is stopped shaving, but when you sang, the hair on my legs grew an inch and half.” 

Interestingly, Katy has shown before that she can maintain her leg hair care routine like during the time she was in Hawaii for vacation on February 2021, and her legs were free of hair or stubble. 


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