In recent weeks there has been tension within the Barker family, and now Shanna Moakler is claiming that his ex-husband Travis Barker had cheated on her with Kim Kardashian. At the same time, they were married before his affair with Kourtney.

Travis cheated on Shanna with Kim Kardashian. 

Shanna, 46, and Travis share kids London and Alabama Barker, and in recent times, they have developed a solid co-parenting relationship after a messy divorce and custody battle.  Despite this, the kids have called out their mother for being an absent mother. Despite Shanna constantly throwing shade at Travis’s relationship with Kourtney, the kids approve of the relationship. 

Things had been messy, and over the weekend, they even got messier. Alabama took to social media to out Shanna’s opinion regarding Travis’s romance with Kourtney. The teenager shared a screenshot of a text that her mom sent to an unknown user, as the ex-pageant girl shared insight into her marriage to Travis and her new boyfriend. Shanna claimed in the message that she left Travis because of emotional abuse, and as a result, she left mansions and money for a reason. Shanna said she wasn’t ready to compete with children whose dad doesn’t encourage a relationship with their mom and intentionally tries to alienate them. Shanna claimed that Travis controls Alabama’s social medial, but she gets stick for her sexualization. 

Shanna has been an absentee mom.

Shanna wondered why her father allowed her to act that way and do lives at four in the morning with men almost twice her age. She then claimed that Travis had cheated with Kim Kardashian before his romance with Kourtney blossomed. 

The kids claimed their mom was no longer in their lives after a TikTok user accused them of treating her “like trash.” Landon responded to the user stating, “if you weren’t such a dumba** you could have realized that our mom is never in our lives like our dad is.” However, Shanna claims that Travis has brainwashed the kids, and she has been there their entire lives, even when their father was a drug addict.


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