Bill Gates has in the past indicated that his three children would only receive a minuscule amount of his vast $130 billion fortune as an inheritance. However, the divorce with his wife could alter that, and Phoebe, 18, Rory, 21, and Jennifer, 25, are likely to receive more. 

Bill and Melinda Gates divorce to alter inheritance to kids 

The kids are now adults, and sources indicate that that might have impacted the separation. According to sources, Melinda and Bill have been in a “loveless” marriage for a long, and it seems they waited for their lastborn Phoebe to hit college before they can pull the trigger on the split.  Divorce experts indicate that Melinda is angling to alter their children’s inheritance despite Bill insisting on several occasions that he will only leave them $10 million each. 

The couple has never had different views on raising their kids, but it now seems Melinda could not have been on board with the pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps concept. She has taken an unusual step by naming leading estate and trust attorneys to represent her in the divorce filing alongside customary matrimonial legal eagles. Top lawyers Martha Cohen Stine and Harriet Newman Cohen indicate that Melinda has sought the services of prominent trust and estate attorneys for the case. 

Melinda wants to leave her kids with more money.

In a past Reddit talk, Gates stated that he thinks leaving kids a massive amount of wealth is not a favor. He added that although people might disagree with the ideal, he and Melinda felt good about it. Newman Cohen stated that Gates might have told the world that he will leave only $10 million for each of his kids, with the rest going to charity, but that could change. 

Maybe she disagreed with the idea and leaving the kids such a fraction was equal to disinheriting the kids. Newman Cohen added that she had seen such kinds of divorces where a mother is looking to protect kids. Melinda might be like any mother protecting her kids.


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