There have been claims doing rounds of a hookup between Kim Kardashian and Travis Barker after Shanna Moakler alleged that Travis had cheated on her with Kim. Aubrey O’Day has also alleged that Kim used to hook up with Travis, currently dating Kourtney Kardashian.

O’Day confirms Travis’s affair with Kim

O’Day said she was “BFFs” with Kim, and she was hooking up with Travis at his house, and he was super dope. The 37-year-old had posted in her Instagram Story in July last year but didn’t specify when the alleged hookup occurred. She added that Travis’s ex, Shanna, had threatened to slash Kim’s tires, so they asked the reality TV star to park her car somewhere else. O’Day’s claims seem to be wild, but they were made last year even before Travis started dating Kourtney. Therefore there won’t be any reason she would want to make up a story regarding the hookup.

A source close to Kim indicated that she had previously rebuffed claims that she had a romantic affair with Travis. The source said that Kim and Travis have never had an affair, and they were just friends that met through Paris Hilton the same way Kourtney and Travis met. Interestingly in an interview in 2015, Travis confessed to having had a crush on Kim.

Kim and Travis hooked up in 2007/2008

Considering O’Day refers to Shanna as Travis’s ex, then the timeline for the hookup would be somewhere in 2007 or 2008. Shanna and Travis married in 2004 but filed for divorce in late 2006, and although they reconciled sometime in 2007, they confirmed their split min February 2008.

O’Day also shared about missing fireworks on July fourth. If she referred to Shanna as an ex during the fireworks story, then the affair occurred in July 2007 or 2008. However, despite the whole thing being from the past, it is confirmation that Travis and Kim had a hookup in the past. We could as well believe Shanna’s claims that she divorced Travis for cheating on her with Kim.


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