Rita Ora hinted last month that she was dating Oscar-winning What We Do In the Shadows and Jojo Rabbit director Taika Waititi, but now it seems the love birds have acquired a third party. Over the weekend, the couple was seen engaging in a PDA with Creed star Tessa Thompson at Taika’s Sydney, Australia home. 

Photos of Ora, Waititi, and Thompson kissing emerge 

The Daily Mail published photos of the encounter supposedly taken after an all-night party. Ora, Waititi, and Thompson are seen engaging in different combinations of kissing with Waititi kissing Thomson, Ora, kissing Thompson and Thompson kissing Ora and all three also kissing at once. Although they could just be friends, when looking back, this appears to fit perfectly. It is vital to note that some people were there during the PDA, but they didn’t seem to be involved, but they were sitting there. It’s hard to tell what their roles were in all this. 

The first hint of Waititi and Ora dating came after Ora posted a carousel on her Instagram, including a photo in which she was cuddling Waititi, and they were in matching sweaters. She captioned the carousel, “good times, memories, random things in my phone and the ones I love.” There shouldn’t be much speculation regarding the two being together. Interestingly, Thompson was also in one of the pics in the carousel. Therefore it is pretty much the ones Ora loves. 

Tessa Thompson is Bisexual 

In 2018 Thompson confirmed that she was bisexual. This was when her supposed girlfriend at the time, Janelle Monae, released a music video for Make Me Feel co-starring the Marvel superhero. Tessa indicated at the time that she was attracted to women and men. She said that if she brings a man or a woman home, they shouldn’t have the discussion. 

However, Thompson keeps a private love life, and she noted about her relationship with Monae that they love each other. She explained that they are close, and they vibrate at the same frequency, and they aren’t bothered about speculation from people of what they are. 


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